Petya Response Coordination

NOTE: Information will be actively collected across key stakeholders globally throughout Petya response and will be reviewed, evaluated, and pertinent information posted as soon as it has been vetted.

The Medical Device Security Information Sharing Council (MDSISC) is engaged with networks of hospitals and manufacturers in active surveillance for the Petya outbreak.

If you are a manufacturer, health care organization or other organization that could facilitate the collection of data for Petya surveillance, please contact MD-VIPER

Medical Device Cybersecurity Communications and Updates

Protecting the health and safety of patients by preventing ransomware attacks on medical devices is a MDSISC priority. This is accomplished by ensuring that patient safety and health is addressed systemically during all phases of a cybersecurity attack.

Engaged stakeholders includes, but are not limited to medical device manufacturers, healthcare delivery organizations, and our Federal partners responsible for medical device emergency response activities. When responding to emergency situations, they can navigate the proper channels to provide assistance to those healthcare delivery organizations and medical device stakeholders in need.

These communication and update activities are a part of the MDSISC functions and are closely coordinated with and/or leverage content from general NH-ISAC activities, ICS-CERT, FDA, US-CERT, HHS, and many private sector partners.

Petya Ransomware Outbreak

US-CERT released the following documents that contain in-depth technical analysis on the Petya malware, as well as indicators of compromise and additional recommendations for mitigation. These documents are available via the following links: